Corporate Video Production Orange County & Los Angeles
Microsoft-Corporate-Video   Microsoft  corporate video for rebranding of downtown Los Angeles  Nokia theater  at  AEG L.A. Live .  I filmed the aerial footage of the world's largest Microsoft emblem designed and built by  Signtech  on top of the Microsoft Theater using a handheld camera shooting in HD 1080 24P aboard the  R44 Raven II helicopter   piloted by motion picture  chief pilot Robin Petgrave  . VRset produced this Microsoft corporate video with the cooperation of   L.A. Live  -  Gensler  -  Jones Lang La Salle  Watch in full HD 1080 24P on the VRset  YouTube  channel  Amada.Japan.AIFG  One of the most comprehensive marketing videos ever attempted by any corporation, VRset produced tha latest  AMADA  AIFG project with one goal in mind, excellence. This seven minute video produced in Orange County & Los Angeles features custom virtual set plus custom music and sound fx scoring. VRset hired special cast & crew and employed the latest equipment for Hollywood style 3D and graphics.  Virtual.Set.Live.Network  One of the big three networks wanted to create a special episode of their national morning show, so they called VRset to produce the virtual set segments, Live from their studios in NY City. VRset prepped the sequences during an intense two weeks of collaboration with the network and flew in with special hardware to New York for this memorable live event. 
Elite.Access  Another award winning corporate marketing video for access control, shot on a blue stage in Hollywood California. The project features 3D, virtual set, custom scoring and special editing produced in Orange County and LA, the opening commercial was shot on a private dry lake bed using a 35mm high speed camera.  Accounting-Principals-Report  Corporate video produced for  Accounting Principals  in Orange County which places top accounting and finance professionals at leading companies nationwide.  Amada.Japan.Astro540   AMADA  a group of 80 companies and one of world's largest manufacturer of stamping press processing equipment invited VRset to their headquarters outside Tokyo Japan to produce this hi-tech marketing video for the mind numbing 3D bending Astro 540 machine. VRset filmed green screen shots of the actual massive machine in operation to composite with 3D environments, another first 
Investor.PR  Choose which commercials you watch and get paid. VRset produced this public relations marketing video for a young  startup  company in Los Angeles to explain the concept in full.  Parker-Lynch-BMW-Award  Corporate video, awarding a BMW to a top employee. Produced for  Parker + Lynch  in Orange County a leader in executive search + consulting with opportunities at premier organizations across the country  BeverlyHills.Rent.A.Car  Marketing Video for US premiere Luxury / Exotic Car rental  company  in Beverly Hills California. This video showcases the Lamborghini Gallardo, Bentley Continental GT Convertible, Lotus Elise, Bentley Flying Spur, Maybach 57 and the Ferrari F430 Convertible. VRset gained access to a grand mansion in Beverly Hills which serves as backdrop for this project. 24p Video was shot using a long crane and hand held camera for B-Rolls. Producer David Victory found time during the busy two day production to shoot incredible stills of these machines. 
Amada.Japan.Libra  This futuristic marketing video showcases another one of amazing  AMADA  machines. VRset created a virtual reality campus where you can visualize the sheet metal fabrication process, for the first time robotic concert lighting was used inside the factory to film the LIBRA machine using an XYZ axis long crane. The project features extensive location filming in Orange County & Los Angeles as well as custom scoring & fx.  Egypt.Media.Production.City  VRset in Los Angeles was invited by the government of Egypt to produce the Western audiences marketing video for  EMPC , the largest production facility in the world featuring 64 sound stages spread over 400,000 sq meters outside of Cairo. VRset lensed the green screen shots for virtual set at EMPC studios using local talent and crews. Aerial shots were accomplished via a Russian Mi19 helicopter. This epic presentation features custom production and post production techniques which spanned 12 weeks between Cairo and Hollywood.  Accounting-Principals-Playbook  Corporate video produced for  Accounting Principals  in Orange County which places top accounting and finance professionals at leading companies nationwide. Focusing on the principal playbook, presented by Sr. VP & National Executive Director 
MTV-Behind-Scenes  VRset produced this MTV episode of "The Making Of" in Los Angeles  Accounting-Principals-Corporate-Communications  Corporate video produced for  Accounting Principals  in Orange County which places top accounting and finance professionals at leading companies nationwide, defined sales process presented by Sr. VP & National Executive Director.  Amada.Japan.WFN  This award winning nine minute marketing corporate video production in OC is the most technically complex virtual set ever produced by VRset in Orange County & Los Angeles. When  AMADA  Japan asked VRset to raise the bar again, we replied by creating World Fabrication News, and this is the second episode. The project features the largest custom virtual set as well as custom scoring and fx. 
Koyo.Mahalo.Water  The  Koyo USA  marketing video filmed at their Kona plant in Hawaii by VRset. This marketing presentation details the production and benefits of MaHalo bottled water pumped from 3000 feet below the ocean surface. Virtual set sequences were filmed on the VRset stage in Hollywood. VRset utilized Robotic concert lighting inside the Kona bottling plant. Aerial shots on board Eurocopter AS-355 Twinstar helicopter  Dr.Hoban.Mark  Get ready to forget everything you know about nutrition. Dr. Hoban in Los Angeles challenges many mainstream beliefs regarding health and well-being in multiple marketing videos produced by VRset for his  YouTube  channel