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Breaking out – Leveraging Fashion Photography Fame For Other Genres

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Breaking out – Leveraging Fashion Photography Fame For Other Genres

Many of you might not know this, but fashion photography is not the only branch of photography I cover. I am an active real estate photographer, and it has been great. Once I had worked my way to the top in the fashion industry, I started using my fame as a way to leverage my way into other genres of photography. In my mind, it was the perfect way to break out, and now I have two different industries that I cover.

The reason why I choose real estate photography is that I was always interested in it and because I knew I could offer the genre something extra. There are so many times when I take the things I have learned and developed in the fashion industry and apply them in the real estate industry. It has really allowed me to put forward striking images, that are simply gorgeous to look at. In addition, I have even used my real estate skills and knowledge and added that to my fashion photography side.

It has been a great ride, as I am continuously learning something new, and always adding to my list of accomplishments. I feel that I entered the real estate industry at the perfect time, as my fame was able to land my assignments that would have been hard to even be considered for if I was just starting out. The fame I have gained in the fashion industry has been a great leverage, and if you too feel comfortable in your current position, you should consider breaking out and exploring other genres of photography.

As quality is my main priority, I am now using my images to show how using quality images when listing your home, is the only way to go.

One of the issues I saw in the real estate industry was that only a handful of homeowners understand the importance of getting a professional real estate photographer to get quality listing images. Which is why you see so many listings with poor quality images, that just brings down the quality of the home and the price of the home as well. As quality is my main priority, I am now using my images to show how using quality images when listing your home, is the only way to go. As it is not all about selling homes, I even cover photos for magazines. So offering a different perspective, and fresh ideas are the best way to go about the process.

Currently, one of the greatest advantages I have is that I get to learn different techniques, that I then apply in the other genre. Mixing up things has really allowed me to try new ideas and styles. It is a great way to keep yourself inspired and your ideas fresh. So if you feel the need to add something new to your life, then I suggest you use your credibility to make room in another genre of photography. As you already have all the equipment you need, and the basic skills required. So now all you need is to get started and start to develop some new skills.

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