I often have to select talent for various projects that VRset produces, and unless I am specifically searching for a look-alike I always look for personality in the talent submissions, whether video submissions or portfolios or simple headshots. And that is key in picking up parts for a model or actor, you have to be yourself, that is the best chance you got, because when I cast for a particular type for a TV Ad or print layout I zoom in between all the candidates to find the closest look and personality match, just like Google.

So many times models and actors try to become someone else or they already have, perhaps because they were told that they look like this or that and in the meantime they miss-out on being themselves which for that right part is the closest and best match.

When behind the camera in Orange County and Los Angeles photographing model portfolios I look to bring out the raw character of the model in the shot, what makes them unique and where they shine. I am not afraid to try crazy ideas and so shouldn’t be the talent. The best shot is not necessarily the “prettiest” shot unless for a beauty product (often) but the best shot usually is the most unique shot which can only be you.

Your starring role is out there, it just has to find you.