Promotional Video Production Orange County & Los Angeles
Alexandre-Dorriz-VIP1  Fashion designer  Alexandre Dorriz  candid promo video by Top Los Angeles ecommerce Fashion Photographer David Victory  fUnfold-Playsquare-Baby-Mat   fUnfold Playsquare  baby mat is designed by Dr. Alvin May MD Overzealous llc to help moms on the go take better care of their babies by providing a quick folding-unfolding mat which is washable, soft and easy to carry & store. Watch 1080P on  Youtube  Lorna-Jane-Orange-County-LA-Fashion-Photographer 
BeverlyHills.Rent.A.Car.Promo  Promo Video for US premiere Luxury / Exotic Car rental  company  in Beverly Hills California. This is the shorter three minute version of the Lamborghini Gallardo, Bentley Continental GT Convertible, Lotus Elise, Bentley Flying Spur, Maybach 57 and the Ferrari F430 Convertible video. VRset also shot stills of these machines for posh magazine advertisements. The video played at Las Vegas Caesars Forum on large displays to a daily foot traffic of 100,000  Vehicles  A fun montage of various vehicles we have filmed in Orange County and Los Angeles, including helicepter air to air aerials of a red Italian  Agusta  helicopter  Dorriz.Fashion  The Iconic couture designer  Dorriz  asked VRset to produce this Beverly  Hills runway show presentation, the video features her signature Rumi collection. 
Dr.Hoban.Promo  Dr. Hoban asked VRset to produce a promo featuring highlights of on-going VRset productions in Los Angeles for  YouTube , Here is the result  Health.Kitchen.Promo  A good example of 3D motion graphics VRset produced for a  Holistic  Dr. Kitchen show in Los Angeles  747  VRset promo for an international satellite TV channel in Los Angeles, in this 3D animation the 747 is standing still but the clouds are moving 700 mph 
Beauty.Cream  VRset produced this motion graphic flash banner for a Beverly Hills beauty product line based on sketched prototypes  VRset.Demo  VRset demo reel, showcasing virtual reality set sequences produced in Orange County and Los Angeles  LAX.Display  Los Angeles Airport terminal display Ad for US premiere Luxury / Exotic Car rental  company  in Beverly Hills California. VRset created this 10 sec 1080p HD promo for maximum impact in the busy terminal 
Amaha.Animation  3D animated logo designed by VRset for a Beverly Hills medical clinic  Flamenco.Dancer   Flamenco  dancer extraordinaire was filmed cinema style in Los Angeles and expertly edited to create this visual by VRset  Lin.Kuei.Promo  VRset promo for an ancient Chinese clan martial arts film rehearsal in Orange County, Warning: the energy is extreme, all action is real 
Auto.Racing.Promo  VRset created this 3D promo for a NASCAR style TV pilot in Orange County  Dr.Hoban.Danika  Nutrition expert Dr. Hoban promo video produced by VRset for his  YouTube  channel. These videos were produced in Los Angeles using a custom flight pack with 3 Sony HD cameras  YellowPages.Promo  How do you time travel in visual technology, that was the challenge for this yellow pages 3D animated promo. VRset filmed the cuneiform stamping shot and the rest in-house at the Los Angeles studios 
PureBody.Supplement  VRset produced a series of supplement 3D promos in Los Angeles, here is one  Awards  VRset awards reel accumulated under VIP brand  YoungYou.Promo  Beauty line promo for a well known California  supplier , VRset lensed this segment on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills 
Dentist.Promo   Professor  of Clinical Dentistry at USC asked VRset to produce this online promo for his Los Angeles practice  Classic-Country  Produced in 3D for the country singer superstar duet album release in Los Angeles  Museum  VRset received rare access to this world famous museum in Malibu California to produce a promo video for TF1 France, Director's cut 
Miniature-Museum  World's largest miniature museum in Los Angeles invited VRset to produce a short and long form promo for this incredible museum which was a challenge to light behind sealed glass cases and make camera maneuvers  Tommy  VRset was contracted to put together this spec promo for a famous American brand in LA  SleepTraveler.Promo   Sleep Traveler  promo for the movie script. VRset shot the James Dean character on a green screen stage in Los Angeles using a robotic motion control arm to accommodate the precision zoom out from the pupil of his eye into the 3D space environment 
Singer-Session  VRset produced this behind the scenes with a young singer at a famous Hollywood recording studio  Zappa-Interview  The son of the  iconic  legend interviews a young singer for this promo produced by VRset in Hollywood