International Marketing Videos Orange County & Los Angeles
Japanese.MusicVideo  VRset lensed this  Japanese  styled music video on a green screen sound stage in Los Angeles, project features Anime and Manga by a visionary  Amada.Japanese  Produced in Japanese language by VRset for  AMADA  a group of 80 companies and one of world's largest manufacturers of stamping press processing equipment, displayed at JIMTOF Japan International Machine Tool Fair  Aria.MusicVideo  VRset filmed this music video in Los Angeles featuring air to air aerial cinematography 
PurElements   Skin care  commercial for foreign markets, all model shots are synthesized on a green screen stage by VRset  Shahrum.MusicVideo  A romantic  artist's  music video produced by VRset in LA  Mekameh.MusicVideo  Another International music video, filmed in LA with a twist 
Maykadeh.Restaurant.Day  Middle Eastern restaurant spot filmed in LA  Mystery  New age  artist  instrumental music video. VRset lensed the project in OC and on a Hollywood green screen sound stage, location sequences filmed at the sand dunes of Pismo beach in California