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Decade Model – Female Models Careers From 15 to 25

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Decade Model – Female Models Careers From 15 to 25

It is a famous myth that a female model’s career only lasts for a decade. As she can stretch the period, but the peak of her career starts from age 15 and ends at age 25. It is said that that is the time period during which women are more beautiful and attractive, and have flawless skin. But if you ask me age is just a number, and I have seen many older models who look much beautiful and graceful. As with age comes a sense of maturity, and a delicacy to carry yourself.

To be clear, I have worked with both younger and older female models, and the only difference is in skills. And that has nothing to do with their age. The thing is, some models are naturally gifted at adapting to situations, and others have to be eased in, and then there are some whom you have to spoon feed. So I am sure it will depend on the fashion photographer. But in my opinion I rather avoid working with models that have to be spoon feed on each step.

It does not mean that once you are not the it girl anymore that your career is over. It just means that you are moving to the next phase of your life.

I do not mind teaching, but there is only so much you can teach, and only so much they can understand. And working with experienced models has many advantages, as the process goes much more smoothly, and you enjoy working with someone who understands your instructions. Which is only possible when you are working with an experienced model.

Yes, in the fashion industry age is a huge factor. But if you do not look a day over 25 who is going to argue? It is true that with time your body starts to loosen up, and you start getting fine lines, but I have seen many models who are older than 25 years and have the perfect modeling body. And there is nothing makeup can’t hide. So I am genuinely confused when it comes to the matter of a female model’s career. Yes, there is a new “it girl” each season, or every few years. But that is just how the industry goes on. It does not mean that once you are not the it girl anymore that your career is over. It just means that you are moving to the next phase of your life.

I have been working as a professional fashion photographer for many years now, and in those years I have worked with numerous supermodels, and I still work with some of them despite their age. As some models just have the ability to become a brand, regardless of their age. So there is no need to worry if you are a female model joining the fashion industry, as you like everyone else, have an equal shot of making it to the top. As in the end it all depends on what you have to offer, and your skills will show in each image. So hold your head up high, and do your best.

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