A lucky shot is not easy to come by, but it can most definitely make your day. Especially when everything around you seems to be crumbling to pieces, and you entire day seems like a huge mess in a the making.

There are times even the most well planned photo shoots start to fall apart. There is no set reason, it is like the domino effect, one tile falls, and all hell breaks loose. It can be as small as a background prop. There is nothing too big or too small in the domino effect, it’s just one thing that leads to a huge disaster.

There might not be a visual explosion when the dominoes start to fall, but my nerves tend to run high there are definitely a few explosions in my head. However, nothing good comes from being irrational and acting out, which is why I try to keep it cool and keep the day going in the best way possible. This is not easy at times, but it is better than giving up and walking away.

I for one was extremely grateful for that lucky shot, as it came at a moment I needed it the most, and completely changed my entire day.

The entire point to set up a plan is to ensure that, the shoot I am about to begin goes as per plan, and smoothly. However, there are a few minor setbacks in every shoot, and with time you learn how to deal with them in a calm manner.

There comes a time when everything will go wrong, and how you deal with the situation will determine how you work as a professional throughout your life. To be honest, I have had many minor and major setbacks during shoots, but only once did I get to experience the domino effect. And it is something I will never forget for two reasons.

  1. Everything I touched was breaking down that day, and I felt it was the words day of my life. There was a mix up in everything, my lens was malfunctioning, the model was wrong for the shoot, the props and set up was just insanely out of control.
  2. The second reason is because I got my lucky shot, and it was one of the greatest shots I have ever taken. That day out of all the days, was not the day I expected to take a shot that I would remember for the rest of my life. As when your house is burning down you do not think about your belongings surviving, your main focus is to get out of it with least possible injuries.

There are not many professional fashion photographers that they can tell you that their lucky shot is one of the greatest shots they have ever taken. As for one, most fashion photographers do not enjoy admitting about their lucky shot; and others simply have not experienced such a thing.

I for one was extremely grateful for that lucky shot, as it came at a moment I needed it the most, and completely changed my entire day. It’s funny how a single thing can set everything right again.