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Girls and Fast Cars – What Fashion Photographer’s Cover

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Girls and Fast Cars – What Fashion Photographer’s Cover

After working in the fashion industry for years, there are still times when I am left speechless by a certain comment.

In my entire career as a professional fashion photographer, I have met a lot of people, most of the fashion industry; and others that are trying to get into the industry; and some that just do not understand the industry and what it has to offer. Each experience has been different, and each experience has taught me a great deal.

They assume that my job as a professional fashion photographer is to pick up my camera, point, and click when I see beautiful girls and fast cars.

Working in and around Orange County, LA., has its advantages, as the weather is perfect all year long. The City has great locations to offer, and there are endless possibilities. The place is beautiful enough to inspire an entire year of creativity, as it offers such diversity that keeps you inspired and ready to go.

However, when I tell people that I am a fashion photographer, and live and work in and around Los Angeles; people seem to have an extremely biased opinion. Keep in mind, that these people are usually foreigners, who have never visited L.A.. Most of their opinions are based on movies that have watched and pictures they have seen online.

Even when technology is at its peak, and people have access to all the information in the world. They assume that my job as a professional fashion photographer is to pick up my camera, point, and click when I see beautiful girls and fast cars.

Fashion photography is an art, it is so much more than me, you, and half the world combined. As it is a world in itself. The fashion industry offers a huge range that covers everything that includes clothes, accessories mixed with unorthodox ideas. And truly is why I love it dearly.

The Fashion photography industry has existed for many decades now, but still it is sad to see that most people feel it is all about girls, or simply just clothes. The truth of the matter is, that fashion photography is a mixture of small parts, that come up and make a beautiful picture. It is the efforts and talent of people all around the world, that shows great creativity and talent exists all around the world. The world of fashion might seem glamorous, but there is so much to the picture than just girls and fast cars.

So it does not matter where in the world you come from, and how you feel about the industry. Fashion exists in all parts of the world, and so does fashion photography. One thing is for sure, that you are a part of it. You are the reason it exists, as you are the purchaser.

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