On Top Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography in LA is a unique business, one which few are cut for and fewer make it to the top.

And where is the top exactly? 

How do I know when I am the top fashion photographer in Los Angeles? who do you ask…

In medicine we have peer review, for everything else we have social media and authority sites whose focus is top 10 this and top 10 that! and now yours truly has been voted as Top 10 Fashion Photographers in Los Angeles by one of the largest review aggregate sites on the internet: Giggster

It is always a surprise when I am nominated, as much as I have been working hard to see such a day and its great to be here, at the on top

So this is how you know when you are one of the top fashion photographers in LA, not by your own recognition but by others who have put me in very good company I must say whose credits include everything from Vogue to Micheal Kors and this is my new business mindset, how to stay at the top!

Because there truly is little room at the top of the pyramid and that is where the fame and fortune is, I recognize others who are working as hard as I have been to reach the same top, its a battle for the top position

fashion photographer los angeles

David Victory Fashion Photographer Los Angeles

It was not always like this when I started my photography and media career by finishing 2 schools and then starting the third school of hard knocks, one which extends the length of one’s career I must admit, and I am still paying dues to this never-ending school, it is so because of the nature of the business

You see if I were a carpenter I would be using wood, saw, nails and hammer since days of Jesus but not much of what I learned in school is valid anymore or even relevant or worth reflecting upon, not only has the technology changed completely but the business model is science fiction, to land my next job as a fashion photographer in LA requires an incredibly weird combination of skills and technological circumstances all of which must be perfectly setup for me to stay in business let alone at the on top!

So don’t think that any of us fashion photographers in Los Angeles have it made, its a tightrope walk juggling 10 balls and yet I would not have it any other way. Mark Twain said it best ‘Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.’