There is a lot you can fake when it comes to fashion photography, but you simply cannot fake the inches. As when it comes to the model’s height, you have to respect God’s wishes and let it be. There is no special tool that lets you fake the inches, yet there are different angles that might help you make your model appear taller. However, I suggest you do not let those angles define you as a photographer, and learn to face the fact that you cannot fake the inches and tall European Models Dominate. I have been working as a professional fashion photographer for years, and I have had the pleasure to work with models from all around the world. During this I have seen many short and tall models. It has nothing to do with how talented they are, it is just their God-gifted height which you cannot fake.

One of the most common phenomena around the world is that men and women like taller models. A recent study found out, that no matter if the individual is short or tall, they ideally prefer taller men or women. This is not just when it comes to picking out life partners, it is seen in the fashion industry too. As the industry is based on offering you an ideal scenario, it is only fitting that the persona of tall models is also a factor.

However, such a small aspect should not stop you from following your dreams! If you have always wished to become a model and are working your way through it. Then there is no reason for you to feel too short or too tall. One of the best things about fashion is that it allows diversity. There was a time when only super skinny and tall women and men were allowed to model, or considered the worth of modeling. But today, we live in a new era where you can achieve anything you believe in. Meaning there is room for you in the fashion industry, you just have to find the right fit.

One of the best things about fashion is that it allows diversity.

Which is why I never encourage models who wish to appear taller and simply tell them their height is perfect according to the shoot. This is true, and not something I tell them to get things done. As at times, I handpick my models, and if I wish for taller or shorter ones I would simply make a request. So models when you walk in, keep your head high!

European models dominate, as they are naturally taller than women around the world, allowing them to fit into the tall persona perfectly. This is no hidden secret that when you are in need of taller models you look towards European models. However, there is need and requirements for all models, and you just have to wait for the perfect opportunity to appear. So do not let your height hold you back, as there is no need to fake the inches!