There are times when people ask me why dress shabby, and why I do not wear more fashionable clothes, as I am a professional fashion. I mostly tell that it’s because I am more comfortable wearing neutral colors, which is true. But the thing is, I love covering fashion, and not wearing it. It does not mean that I do not love it, or appreciate it enough. It’s just that I feel fashion my fashion statement is more casual, that allows me to run here and there trying to cover work. If I were on the other side of the camera, I wouldn’t be dressing so shabbily.

However, there is a secret behind the shabby black clothes.

Recently, someone pointed out to me that most fashion photographers do not dress up to make a statement, and just wear colors that would help them blend in the background.To clear that out I would like to clarify from my side, that I dress up in shabby black, or other neutral colors because I am more concentrated on comfort. In addition, my job requires me to capture the fashion side of the world, not become one of the fashion models. If I started to dress to impress, I will find it hard to blend in the background.

I am not saying that fashion photographers should wear shabby blacks, as everyone is free to dress as they please. However, when I am heading to work every day, I cannot think about what is in fashion.As I will find out when I reach work (pun intended), but wearing fashion and capturing fashion are completely different things. Which is why I picked out the clothes I am comfortable in, and I have decided to stick to what makes me look and feel comfortable.

So the next time you see a fashion photographer who is dressed up in shabby blacks and ask them why. I am sure they will be more than happy to tell you that it is their sense of style, and has nothing to do with their profession. How you dress is completely up to you when it comes to fashion photographers, and there is not a uniform that needs to be followed.

However, there is a secret behind the shabby black clothes. You see the thing is, when you are taking pictures on a professional level, you use top of the line equipment which offers great result. Moreover, when you are taking images of things that might reflect back or portraits.You are able to see your reflection in the image. Fortunately, when you dress in black you are able to limit your reflection, and not worry about running an entire image. Just think about it, if you blow up an image to a huge size, you will be able to see your reflection, but with shabby black or other neutral clothes, I am able to blend right in. In addition, you can fix the reflection completely during post-production.