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Top 10 Qualifications Best Real Estate Photographers in Orange County Have

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Whether you are a broker, home owner or developer with real estate in Orange County for sale, you want to market the OC real estate for maximum exposure and value by using the best real estate photographers in Orange County With millions of dollars exchanged at every turn Orange County real estate is a [...]

Los Angeles photographers are the best?

By |2017-08-28T21:49:09+00:00August 20th, 2014|Uncategorized|

Depends on whom you ask, and who is asking; whether LA photographers are just like any other photographers or better, or the best? I have seen amazingly artistic photographs from photographers in obscure towns across the world who are never exposed to the world of LA photographers with their top of the line equipment, [...]

Orange County portrait photographers are busier than ever.

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I shoot portrait in LA and Orange County since they have so much overlap now, a lot of my clients are now in "Lorange County" and I'm always back and forth on the 405 freeway . Why are Orange County portrait photographers busier than LA portrait photographers? Are they better? Am I a better portrait photographer when [...]

Corporate Video in Orange County & Los Angeles Cost or Investment

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How to budget for your corporate video production in Orange County and Los Angeles? Is this budget a cost or an investment? In the 1970's large companies in Orange County & LA started producing a class of marketing and promotional videos called "corporate video" And since VHS tape, medium and smaller companies jumped in [...]

Fashion Photographer Los Angeles & Orange County Video Production

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