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Modeling portfolio photographer news and information in Orange County and Los Angeles by VRset. Learn from years of professional experience on how to improve your looks and photography portfolio for success in modeling. See the latest model photography techniques by top model photographer David Victory in OC & LA including photoshop, enhancements, color grading, lighting, location photo shoots, behind the scenes, green screen, studio photo shoots, before and after pictures, latest news, tips and tricks by VRset and more.

To Click Or Not To Click – Building Rapport With The Models

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Successful fashion photographers know the importance of building rapport with their models.They are masters  in people skills, they can influence body language and capture the perfect emotions. Yes, it is true, the best shots are taken when the model feels at ease and is most comfortable with the photographer. No great shot has ever been [...]

Top Los Angeles Photographers

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To be or not to be one of top Los Angeles photographers. Or one of top Los Angeles Photographers in Orange County for that matter, that is the question. The answer lies with Google rankings, and they keep changing the algorithm! its an ever moving target as you can read here. So while the photographer's [...]

Top 10 Orange County Photographers

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How can you find the top 10 Orange County photographers And who are top 10 Orange County photographers ? According to whom are top 10 Orange County photographers ? For what style of photography and genre are top ten Orange County photographers ? Most importantly: Why do you want to find  top 10 Orange [...]

Los Angeles photographers are the best?

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Depends on whom you ask, and who is asking; whether LA photographers are just like any other photographers or better, or the best? I have seen amazingly artistic photographs from photographers in obscure towns across the world who are never exposed to the world of LA photographers with their top of the line equipment, [...]

Orange County portrait photographers are busier than ever.

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I shoot portrait in LA and Orange County since they have so much overlap now, a lot of my clients are now in "Lorange County" and I'm always back and forth on the 405 freeway . Why are Orange County portrait photographers busier than LA portrait photographers? Are they better? Am I a better portrait photographer when [...]

Orange County Model Photographers

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O.C. model on cover of magazine To be or not to be….a model in O.C. With so many hopeful models showing up with portfolios by top model photographers at auditions all over Orange County with tons of West coast national brands and agencies, you must be wondering whether to jump in the [...]

Acting Modeling Portfolio Photographers in OC & LA

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You have a lot of choices in acting and modeling portfolio photographers in OC and Los Angeles, or do you? Google indicates you do, search the term and there seem to be hundreds of thousands of photographers, but these are merely mentions of combinations of the words you are searching, and that is why [...]

I Can Not Afford My Photography

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I mentioned this topic earlier, here is the rest of the story... Photographers strive for perfection. Well some do, but what is perfection and a according to whose opinion? Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so it doesn't matter if the photographed subject is beautiful. As long as you think so then it [...]

Modeling Portfolio Shoot & Model Stressed Out

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How to make money and a living in the modeling business in Orange County and Los Angeles is stressful for most new models, upgrading and keeping that modeling portfolio current is another expense most models don't want to deal with. Enter "TFP" or time for print, increasingly models are trading their time in front of [...]

Photographer or PHOTOGRAPHIST ?

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    Since Dektol in Darkroom has turned to software in Lightroom, I have become a PHOTOGRAPHIST. Time to coin a word for it, for lack of any other phrase shorter than my blog here. Yes after years of clicking the titanium curtain shutter, now I click the enter button on a tethered laptop. I [...]

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