I mentioned this topic earlier, here is the rest of the story…

Photographers strive for perfection. Well some do, but what is perfection and a according to whose opinion?

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so it doesn’t matter if the photographed subject is beautiful. As long as you think so then it is so.

It is exactly this elusive perfection and the personal perception which makes it unaffordable to be a perfect photographer.

At what point do i stop clicking the shutter and call it a wrap on a photo shoot, how and when do i stop re-arranging the pixels and wadding through the digits on modeling photography shoots in Orange County and Los Angeles?

Money calls the shots, and that is what determines time and how much more perfect the photo becomes before posting it for Google.

Ask any artist or director and most cringe at looking at their own creation, whether photography or movie.

And only we know the full story about the whole mess that is hidden in plain sight. Sometimes Its my job to hide the mess and destroy the evidence which only I know about or can even tell.

So you see it is both expensive and ugly to be a perfect model portfolio photographer in Orange County and Los Angeles, which makes my own photography unaffordable to me.

For as much as I like to work on a project more, its always less.