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Orange County Model Photographers

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O.C. model on cover of magazine To be or not to be….a model in O.C. With so many hopeful models showing up with portfolios by top model photographers at auditions all over Orange County with tons of West coast national brands and agencies, you must be wondering whether to jump in the [...]

Acting Modeling Portfolio Photographers in OC & LA

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You have a lot of choices in acting and modeling portfolio photographers in OC and Los Angeles, or do you? Google indicates you do, search the term and there seem to be hundreds of thousands of photographers, but these are merely mentions of combinations of the words you are searching, and that is why [...]

Corporate Video plus Social Media in Orange County & LA is a Wonder

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Ever since Google bought YouTube for $1.65B a best kept corporate video production secret was born. Google makes money by PPC or pay per click advertising. You see, those results on the right column and top and bottom of "organic" search results with the yellow Ad label are all paid for. Anytime you click [...]

Corporate Video in Orange County & LA … Best & Cheap?

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N.O.   That is a no. At VRset we are often asked upfront "how much does producing a corporate video in OC & LA cost" I sometimes answer if I crash a car how much is it to fix. There is no best & cheap anything, its an oxymoron and a waste of money in experimentation [...]

The Whole Mess That is Hidden in Plain Sight.

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It would be a different world if you could see all the before shots. Because every shot you see by a photographer in ads, articles, etc are the after shots, after photoshop and in this article I will focus on Real Estate photography. There is a whole lot of mess hidden in plain sight out [...]

I Can Not Afford My Photography

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I mentioned this topic earlier, here is the rest of the story... Photographers strive for perfection. Well some do, but what is perfection and a according to whose opinion? Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so it doesn't matter if the photographed subject is beautiful. As long as you think so then it [...]

Corporate Video in Orange County & Los Angeles

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Many companies in Orange County and Los Angeles have learned how to maximize their marketing by producing corporate videos. In fact it is one of corporate videos best kept secrets, the more videos an Orange County & Los Angeles company has online especially YouTube the higher their search rankings. What we have noticed at [...]

Artistic License Photographing Portraits in OC & LA

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Some years ago, I received my photography license. The Artistic license to photograph as I see and imagine, given to me by I. Most photographers were given licenses by themselves too, some before they got their photography school license, some after. Who is to say what license is given to whom by who? case in [...]

Modeling Portfolio Shoot & Model Stressed Out

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How to make money and a living in the modeling business in Orange County and Los Angeles is stressful for most new models, upgrading and keeping that modeling portfolio current is another expense most models don't want to deal with. Enter "TFP" or time for print, increasingly models are trading their time in front of [...]

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