As you see in this photo gallery and video gallery, Real Estate photography and videos in Orange County and Los Angeles are a VRset forte.

We are currently working on a new Architectural website dedicated to the subject and initially all Black & White photography, why B&W? well because it cuts through the noise to deliver the objective, its the sort of clean-cut photography which enhances the sense of design and shows off the intent of the Architect and designer.

Its an investment in time and resources to shoot so many classical and contemporary buildings and monuments of great design around the world and bring them to you in a site dedicated to Black & White Architectural photography, and we are happy to do it just as we have been photographing luxury Real Estate in OC & LA.

Well this project has been in the works for years and slow due to diverse locations and logistics of getting a camera out in front of a monumental achievement to shoot near perfect composed shots which have a long shelf life, and that is a key to this genre of photography, you see unlike fashion or product photography which get dated in a matter of months, Architecture gets better with time and gains value if shot right.

That is our goal: to shoot as much as well, and bring to you as many pages of delicious rhythmic lines which speak to the senses and ignite the imagination of the initiated with ideas for your Architectural projects.

This new website is a work in constant progress with no end in sight, since everywhere we travel to discover and preserve three dimensional structures in a two dimensional digital canvas there is yet one more around the corner wanting to be photographed.

Now if all those tourists would move away so I can lineup the next shot…