Best Corporate Video in Orange County

N.O. That is a no.

At VRset we are often asked upfront “how much does producing a corporate video in OC & LA cost” I sometimes answer if I crash a car how much is it to fix.

There is no best & cheap anything, its an oxymoron and a waste of money in experimentation and a waste of time too.

My personal recommendation to clients is to produce the best corporate marketing video they can’t afford to redo. Producing a corporate video in Orange County and Los Angeles is an investment for a company not an expense.

There is a much more important angle which always goes unnoticed, how much damage to the brand and company image is being caused by producing a cheap corporate video alternative? and it gets worst, there is a saying: Nobody is rich enough to buy back their past.”

Here is how to do it, If producing a corporate video is the first for a company then there is the golden opportunity of making a first best impression, first cut is the deepest, yes the song said it. Repairing the damage of “cheap” marketing and branding is a lot more expensive than doing it right the first time.

You see we humans categorize new things based on a judgement and then refer to that opinion time and time again, so if your audience puts your “first impression” corporate video in their mental top shelf then hooray, if they put you in the bottom shelf you will be fighting an uphill battle the rest of your branding life to change their opinion.

Yeah, its the kind of changed opinion that makes you say: The “Yugo” was a great car!? Google it to see what this change of opinion means, it is not going to happen. So do it right the first time, especially if you want to hire a producer for corporate videos in Orange County & Los Angeles for the first time.

The slate is clean for you to produce a great corporate video in Orange County and Los Angeles, there is no bias and no other opinion against you, so use this “first impression” moment to your advantage and make your company’s claim to fame your best impression.