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Creative Corporate Video Production

Review information on how to use creative techniques and solutions for corporate video production in Orange County and Los Angeles to market your company’s products and services online to your customers. Latest news and information about video marketing, Learn about the latest VRset creative and media methods for online corporate video production company exposure in OC & LA.

Corporate Video in Orange County & LA … Best & Cheap?

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N.O.   That is a no. At VRset we are often asked upfront "how much does producing a corporate video in OC & LA cost" I sometimes answer if I crash a car how much is it to fix. There is no best & cheap anything, its an oxymoron and a waste of money in experimentation [...]

Corporate Video in Orange County & Los Angeles

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Many companies in Orange County and Los Angeles have learned how to maximize their marketing by producing corporate videos. In fact it is one of corporate videos best kept secrets, the more videos an Orange County & Los Angeles company has online especially YouTube the higher their search rankings. What we have noticed at [...]

What is Virtual Reality Set

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When a company wants to produce a video to publicize or market an idea, prototype, service or product one of the first questions asked is where are we going to shoot it? Often the cost of set building and or renting a stage with suitable backdrop/decor is out of range (have you checked the studio [...]

Fashion Photographer Los Angeles & Orange County Video Production

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VRset Marketing Video Production

Orange County & Los Angeles Marketing Video Production, VRset Produces Corporate Video Marketing and Professional Photography for Clients in OC, LA and worldwide.

Consultation with first time clients is free, and we can meet you in person if located in Orange County or Los Angeles.

Your marketing video will be produced with the same expertise and equipment we used for Microsoft