Many companies in Orange County and Los Angeles have learned how to maximize their marketing by producing corporate videos.

In fact it is one of corporate videos best kept secrets, the more videos an Orange County & Los Angeles company has online especially YouTube the higher their search rankings.

What we have noticed at VRset is that now every company has a website but the ever increasingly mobile audience is interested in watching a video about the company rather than reading a pdf file on their tiny screens. Its a proven fact that people retain impressions and information better audio visually rather than printed text.

Call it the YouTube generation, that is the reality of video marketing to people who have short attention spans and are watching your corporate video in the bathroom.

Dragging your foot only puts you at the back of the line, and it is getting longer. Companies are using viral marketing videos that can be transferred from a person to hundreds on social media with one click and this increases both their marketing reach and Google ranking.

Combining your marketing videos within a blog post further increases your odds, another reason why you keep hearing success stories about blog posts.

How can your company tell its story in a 3 min corporate video to visitors you would have lost otherwise to your competition?

And that becomes your success story.