Artistic License Photographing

Some years ago, I received my photography license.

The Artistic license to photograph as I see and imagine, given to me by I.

Most photographers were given licenses by themselves too, some before they got their photography school license, some after. Who is to say what license is given to whom by who? case in point is the “Marriage License” an oxymoron whose origins if you Google will open your eyes as to how entrapped we have become.

Not to draw comparisons to greatness but photographers are like painters, each to his own style and once in a while you have another starving painter who paints different than others and after his passing the fortunate who hold his works make millions. Being different is good, being true to self is better.

Running an artistic business such as photography and corporate video production in Orange County and Los Angeles which we love doing at VRset is a balancing act between that Artistic License and Reality.

How much of my artistic license ends up in my work? sometimes 5% sometimes 80% but never 100% because that is not possible due to many factors, mainly perfection, time and money. I can not afford my own photography? No.

So I can afford to photograph others in varying degrees of artistic license,

With no expiration date.