Ever since Google bought YouTube for $1.65B a best kept corporate video production secret was born.

Google makes money by PPC or pay per click advertising. You see, those results on the right column and top and bottom of “organic” search results with the yellow Ad label are all paid for.

Anytime you click one of those results, chahching…Google charges the corporate video advertiser anywhere from over $50 to a penny for every click. The advertiser has full control over the how and when he spends that money but no control over the who or the why.

Enter SEO or search engine optimization, lets call it SGO because its game over and Google owns the world of information. Companies want to be on page one of organic search results and not have to pay the big G.

An entire scientific industry dedicated to this purpose evolved and keeps evolving because G keeps changing the formulas of how who when gets to be on top of the search results.

Mathematically impossible for all competing for a keyword search to be on top so they pay per click.

Now back to YouTube who after G is the number two search engine, surprise!? not really since tens of hours of produced videos are uploaded every minute of the day non-stop.

YouTube is free which means producing lots of corporate video in Orange County and Los Angeles gets you ranked and viewed on the number two search engine.

But wait if you act now we will also include a second Ginsu knife, just pay shipping…..here is the sexy secret: how often do you get a produced corporate YouTube video result on a Google page one search result? a whole lot of times!

Producing corporate videos and indexing them on YouTube gets you FREE organic results on the number two and one search engines.

That is an advantage your low information competition “doesn’t can’t” perform, where as a producer of corporate video in Orange County & Los Angeles can communicate your message to the world and increase your ranking.

Tie this formula to social media sites by just re-posting the same well produced corporate video in Orange County & Los Angeles across the net and on your blog, then you are “Golden” without paying.

The key is producing lots of bite sized 2-3 min corporate marketing videos addressing one topic at a time.

What are you waiting for…an invitation from Schmidt?