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You have a lot of choices in acting and modeling portfolio photographers in OC and Los Angeles, or do you?

Google indicates you do, search the term and there seem to be hundreds of thousands of photographers, but these are merely mentions of combinations of the words you are searching, and that is why no one cares about the results past page 3.

So there are 30 results for acting and modeling portfolio photographers around Los A & Orange County area that you care about, and what do actors and models who are searching for a photographer do? they click the first 3 results and look at their photographs.

After a few minutes you forget who had what picture and where the favorite shot you saw five minutes ago went, the smarter ones start bookmarking the pages so they can come back and compare stuff.

You can also search based on the “image” link in Google, that is more like Pinterest or just go to Pinterest? not really because it is not organized by area, you want a photographer in Orange County or Los Angeles not in Yonkers NY.

Once you narrow down your choices you definitely want public reviews and opinions of others on forums, perhaps the photographer in Orange County & LA has a blog or the album has a forum where people can express opinions, Model Mayhem is such a place where you can find photographers and actors and models mingling and exchanging opinions about each others work, 99% of the time it will be complimentary since its a closed loop society of people who want to befriend each other etc.

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Talking of which you can search photographers on Facebook and meet that way, even on LinkedIn. There seems to be too many ways to find a good photographer to take pictures of your modeling portfolio or acting shots on the internet in Orange County and LA.

Take the photographer’s portfolio with some discretion, do not assume that another model’s photo will make yours the same, there are many circumstances which make a great photo, including the stylist, makeup artist, hair stylist, wardrobe, location, lighting and yes the model.

So once you research it all and find your favorites, it comes down to money and personality. Do you click with the photographer clicking the shutter? chemistry is so important in bringing out the best in you and it is either there or not. Its a quick mashup of personalities on the set to capture a magical never again repeatable moment.

And that is the process of finding a really good photographer to take your acting and modeling photographs in Orange County and Los Angeles.