Corporate Video in Orange County

How to budget for your corporate video production in Orange County and Los Angeles? Is this budget a cost or an investment?

In the 1970’s large companies in Orange County & LA started producing a class of marketing and promotional videos called “corporate video

And since VHS tape, medium and smaller companies jumped in this corporate video pool to communicate their stories. Enter the world wide web and now any garage and kitchen based company can have corporate video just like they all have a website or phone number and business card.

When you think about the reach and shelf life of YouTube which is free then you realize that producing a corporate video for your company in Orange County and Los Angeles is an “investment” you make with the initial “cost” of the production.

Once the video is published on DVD and downloaded it is hard to gather up all the digital copies and re-publish it, why not make it your best from the get-go?

corporate video example in orange county and los angeles

corporate video example in orange county and los angeles

At VRSet we see companies make incrementally better and better corporate videos in Orange County & Los Angeles which then does make it a costly “cost” by testing the water as if this is a personal learning experience.

Leave the experience part to the expert producers and concentrate on handling your increased sales and marketing rather than learning how to produce your own corporate videos in Los Angeles and Orange County.

Now back to the budget question, here is a rule of thunb: think of a corporate marketing video in OC & LA as a vehicle which gets you places and enables productivity, would you buy the best vehicle with top performance or a cheap four banger which breaks down and leaves you stranded on the highway while the competition cruises by 100 mph?

Here is advise, instead of a 10 minute corporate video, contact VRset to produce 5 two min corporate videos.

This is why: you edit each video to one topic and message for better retention plus you get five times the shelf space and Google searchability ie SEO.

While a corporate video in OC and LA can cost anywhere from 10k to $500 per finished minute, there are factors such as graphics, virtual set and 3D animation and third party costs which affect the price.

Contact VRset for a price estimate and know that we bring you the same expertise and equipment in a lower cost corporate video in LA & OC as in our award winning blockbuster international corporate videos.