Funny Commercial Sells

Why is that? I have been thinking about this one for a while and its deeper than it seems….

It goes back to our insecurities as children, who does the child approach at a family gathering? the serious guy or the funny guy? of course the funny guy gets to play with the child and they both share the fun while the serious guy looks on.

In high school who is popular with the girls? the funny guy or the nerdy guy? even if the nerdy guy is better looking…of course the funny guy. Funny wins and funny sells too…

Its the ice breaker factor, loosening up and the suspension of disbelief. We get to share a laugh with the room looking at something weirdly fresh and somebody who is making fun of themselves. Thats what funny is, what we are afraid of doing done by someone who is not. Afraid.

Most of our clients in Orange County and Los Angeles are “afraid” of various degrees of “funny”, so no matter how much funnier we can produce an idea in a commercial the client pulls the hand break at their personal funny limit. because they want to be taken seriously, or they think their product becomes less valuable if made fun of, you see it is personal for them, but it is not so. Funny works. And we have to save them from themselves and their seriousness.

Next time you are thinking about selling your products and services in 30 seconds, think about the funny commercials you remember and the not-so-funny commercials you don’t.

Funny huh?