Virtual Reality Set When a company wants to produce a video to publicize or market an idea, prototype, service or product one of the first questions asked is where are we going to shoot it? Often the cost of set building and or renting a stage with suitable backdrop/decor is out of range (have you checked the studio rental costs lately?)

And that is where VRset comes in, producing a marketing video on a virtual green screen set has several advantages (we will get to disadvantages too), for one you can produce any visual you can imagine and truly advance your company’s image to the community. Plus you can now produce your video at a lower cost than the comparable reality and surpass reality.

Virtual Reality Set Lighting costs often exceed set and stage costs and are a budget breaker for large corporate videos. With VRset we only light the talent on the green stage or portable green screen in your office using a small lighting kit. The rest of lighting is all done in the computer. For complex camera moves we can forget about renting a large camera boom with XYZ head to shoot sweeping shots of the set, this is all done in the computer as well. Your insurance and permit costs all shrink too.

VRset can be custom made (more expensive) and uniquely yours, or off the shelf latest and greatest Virtual Set available from vendors (less expensive). Virtual Set does take time to produce, there is not magic button to make it happen overnight, since it is 3D animation you do need a producer who knows what to tell the animators and what to expect from them so the project can come together as expected. Besides time, categorically VRset projects fall in the hi-end of the production scale. So no matter what, VRset is a good alternative to an otherwise hi-end corporate project which needs to tell the story and project the company image in such fashion.

There are several VRset projects we have produced in Orange County & Los Angeles which visualize your options when it comes to producing the highest image corporate videos.