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To Click Or Not To Click – Building Rapport With The Models

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Successful fashion photographers know the importance of building rapport with their models.They are masters  in people skills, they can influence body language and capture the perfect emotions. Yes, it is true, the best shots are taken when the model feels at ease and is most comfortable with the photographer. No great shot has ever been [...]

From Square Feet To Square Inches: The Migration Of Retail Stores From Malls To Smart Devices.

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The world of fashion photography is at an all-time peak. Retail stores are closing left and right each day and online selling is booming. In February Macy’s closed one of its store in Los Angeles. What does that mean for fashion photographers? A new era of unimaginable opportunities. I can safely say that 2017 is [...]

The Passion For Fashion Photography

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A career in fashion photography attracts many people since it encompasses a highly glamorous lifestyle as well as promises heavy paychecks. Fashion Photography has long been one of the most appealing fields of photography. Many young photographers immediately after their studies want to break into the world of fashion photography and I understand why. As a [...]

E-commerce Fashion Photography in Los Angeles

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In Los Angeles there is a lot more E-commerce fashion photography than fashion photography! What is "E-commerce" fashion photography? basically its serialized photos of similarly grouped apparel so the viewer can pick a style and color out of many, and the apparel designer does not have to spend so much money styling each piece in [...]

Fashion Photographer Los Angeles Orange County

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 Starting in Q3 2015 VRset will be publishing Fashion Photography galleries and news in Los Angeles & Orange County by LA & OC Fashion photographer David Victory   With so many fashion apparel companies and designers in LA & OC it is hard not to shoot fashion photography in both metro areas. Often clients are [...]

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