Building Rapport With The Models

Successful fashion photographers know the importance of building rapport with their models.They are masters in people skills, they can influence body language and capture the perfect emotions.

Yes, it is true, the best shots are taken when the model feels at ease and is most comfortable with the photographer. No great shot has ever been taken when the model was in distrust. The model should, therefore, trust you and it is the fashion photographers job to make the model feel comfortable during the shoot. This is not always easy for the fashion photographer for some of them lack interpersonal people skills and moreover it is time-consuming.

A professional fashion photographer knows that many models are not very comfortable during their first shoot with a new photographer (even a professional model), so as the photographer, it is your task to put the model at ease and eliminate all worries, fears and lack of confidence, which requires a lot of patience and soothing words.

To get your model to be comfortable around you in a jiffy and built rapport with the model there are certain things you will need to do. Here’s a list of those:

1. A Warm Welcome

When your model walks in, greet her with a warm and friendly smile. Before the shoot even starts, take a moment to spend some time with your model chit chatting about topics that are not related to the shoot. Make your model feel at ease so that they can open up during the shoot.

2. Be confident at all times

Exuding confidence will help put your model at ease. A confident appearance gives the model the impression that you know what you are doing and that you are prepared for the shoot and know what you want.