To be or not to be one of top Los Angeles photographers.

Or one of the top Los Angeles Photographers in Orange County for that matter, that is the question.

The answer lies with Google rankings, and they keep changing the algorithm! its an ever moving target as you can read here.

So while the photographer’s talents keep improving daily and with each project, their “Top 10” aspirations get shattered all the time despite all the money and time they throw at SEO and other 100+ parameters which Google grades websites with. Only 10 fashion photographers appear in Los Angeles and Orange County Google page-1 which takes in all the business.

[pullquote]Although I personally appear as the number one fashion photographer in Orange County Google page[/pullquote] As well as number one spot for corporate video, my position in LA keeps changing every time Google tweaks their AI engine, so I can not hang my hat on that and decided to take a hands-on approach to marketing my fashion photography.

I no longer just try tweaking SEO and wait weeks for the results to show up in the searches, I directly contact clients and search job listings, pay commissions for referrals etc… hey paying commission is better than anything, gets you the answer on the spot and all you do is have your contact up-sell your service by adding his commission to your fees. If I was in the online fashion apparel sales business then I would worry about Google rankings, none of the advice here would apply, but for service providers such as top Los Angeles photographers these old tricks work.

Another approach is social media, staying active and current with vertical niche markets pays off. One example is modelmayhem with close to one million members, I get calls and pick up clients from modelmayhem and for good reasons, I have a VIP account with 100 images, lots of tags and 8 years of credibility not to mention the best URL

I am posting the image I created for my modelmayhem client Greg Grecor, he booked me from NY and was here for a 2 day model portfolio shoot at hotel Ermitage. I had him and abc Family’s star Taelyr Robinson wearing fashion stylist Sean Panella outfits plus my great team of makeup artist Marina Dubrovina hair stylist Jill Zegarski, and several assistants who made it all possible for me to blog here as one of top Los Angeles photographers.