How can you find the top 10 Orange County photographers

And who are top 10 Orange County photographers ?

According to whom are top 10 Orange County photographers ?

For what style of photography and genre are top ten Orange County photographers ?

Most importantly: Why do you want to find  top 10 Orange County photographers ?

As you can see once you start asking, the answers pose more questions and for a good reason. In reality there are none but there are many top ten Orange County photographers You have two options here; either ask a human or Google an article written by a human, and for the first option chances are you never met the human because you found them through G.

For a while I too was perplexed by the notion of top 10 photographers in Orange County, especially by the invisible committee who selects them and sends them all the Google inquiries and not to the 11th photographer and beyond. Who are these shadowy figures who know the top 3rd photographer in Orange County and know exactly who should be their top 4th photographer in Orange County? And do they also know for what duration the top 3rd photographer in OC stays in that spot versus the top 4th photographer in OC who wants to take his place badly?

Does the invisible committee know which fantastic photo the top 4th photographer in Orange County took last Monday to award him the 3rd spot because the 3rd top photographer in Orange County didn’t take a better photo? Does this cabal know which top ten photographer in Orange County has what manners and personality? They must know since they are the ones who select these photographers for you. Right?

I must have woken you up to a trend and revealed a secret if you are still reading, now stay with me because we are going to unravel the top ten photographers in Orange County business. And it is a business, follow the money here and you figure out what this top 10 business is about.

orange county photographers

orange county photographers

This type of “Top Something” article is now all over the internet for every type of product and service you can imagine, and chances are either the article is produced by the very winner of “Top 10” or someone who does this for a living and creates these web comparisons and Top 10 articles by charging the first, second and perhaps third spot holders and throwing in the non paying bunch into spots 4-10 and voila you have the Top 10 Photographers of Orange County.

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advertising, orange county photographers

You see this is an SEO or search engine optimization way of bringing a brand in front of the Google eyeballs searching non-stop 24/7 organically, which means without reverting to PPC or pay per click. These types of articles move up the G ranks for several reasons:

1- They have authority

2- They have many links to similarly grouped brands

3- They get more clicks because people think that someone spent the time to find the top 10 Orange County photographers and so the article goes up even more through the ranks to page 1 of Google.