Many companies in O.C. wish if they had a video marketing department or a video marketing producer or at least video marketing presence, heck just a video for marketing!

All the company owners and CEOs know what an important role Orange County corporate video marketing plays in marketing to the billions of eyeballs fixated on various social media, websites and the mighty YouTube, yet these companies and businesses are scared frozen stiff to take action.

Why? because they don’t know where to begin their corporate video marketing in Orange County, one of the most fertile and richest markets in the US. Some think they have to be Federico Fellini to take on such an exotic task as video marketing for their business or company, some think the opposite

and consider doing video marketing in O.C. with the company intern on a Sunday, teenagers are good at this sort of stuff, right? I have personally witnessed that.

Both are wrong, you the company owner, VP, director or manager do not have to have a degree or experience in cinema and TV to create video marketing for your products, services, ideas, prototypes etc. just common sense. We all know what a great marketing video looks like or we can Google it in 10 seconds flat and then know, since some of the best ends up on top of the search results due to user clicks anyways. Watch one and consider that your starting point.

Once you have taken that first step, don’t do it with the company intern on a Sunday just as you don’t perform surgery on yourself and go to the specialist, yes you turn it over to the people who do this better than anyone else, the media producers.

Once you look at the right media producer’s video marketing portfolio you know you have the cat in the bag and hire him, now its a matter of making that intern a liaison for the video producer to gather vital company info from various departments and give it to him to formulate an action plan, this will be an itemized list of whats important and in order of such.

video marketing orange county

video marketing in orange county

Next comes a rough draft of the script, and once circulated between the dept heads or managers involved with that particular marketing video, a blueprint emerges in form of a finished script which then you signed off.

The budget you provided the producer now determines the level of sophistication and “production value” that goes into making your company’s media image in form of a marketing video in Orange County. How many money shots and polished graphics and clever visuals goes into your video marketing is driven by money.

And 3-4 weeks later you all gather around the flat screen in the conference room and watch your company’s video marketing in O.C. emerge on a digital canvas ready to mushroom across the globe at the touch of a screen.