Shooting for Amazon Clients

Today, Amazon is the leading and largest retail market online. What started out a small video store, now sells a wide range of goods around the world. Most of which are fashion clothing or accessories and the list of sellers that are offering these goods just keep on growing every day, as more and more businesses are setting into the new world, and talking their business offline, and switching to Amazon. This is a great benefit and offers an amazing platform, but with hundreds already on there, what do you need to really stand out?

Over the last few years I have been offered more Amazon gigs than ever, and where some of them have gone great, others could have gone better. Shooting for Amazon is easy, but it all comes down to your client, and his/her requirements. As far as the shoot is concerned, you will mostly find owners that are looking for basic images, where only their product is highlighted. In my personal opinion, it is not the best way to go about a shoot, but if that is what is required I am here to provide.

people are naturally attracted to images that tell a story, and not just images that show off a product.

It is understandable that you are looking for a shoot that simply highlights your product, but if you are offering countless products, the best way in my option is to create a theme, and a plan. However, most Amazonian’s are set on the fact that the only images that will sell are focused on the product and nothing more. What they fail to see is that by offering an image that showcases how the product is being used in a natural setting, and how it will look on someone, you can help generate a lot more. This is because people are naturally attracted to images that tell a story, and not just images that show off a product.

This frustrating conversation comes up from time to time, there are times when I win, and there are times when I have to chew on my words. Unable to say them out loud, and frustrated with the issue I have decided to bring my concerns online.

I have been working in the fashion industry for a long time now, so when I give our advice I weight all the aspects that might affect the matter. Where some clients feel that I am being a bit too forward, and out there. Others appreciate my honesty and concern for their brand. Because I assure you, I am only here to offer you the best possible results. And the sooner you understand the better. So when I am giving out an opinion, please try to understand that I am not being overly smart, or not suggesting that I know your business better than you. All I am saying is that I feel that it would be better if you keep a mixture of the images offers potential buyers a reason to review their decision. Which will only be possible with the help of quality images that tell and story, and show off the product at the same time.