How Your Assistant Can Save The Day?

I have been working as a professional fashion photographer in Los Angeles for some years now. And if you have been to LA you will understand that the environment is much different than any other city in the world. As the city offers more street fashion photography than any other city. Which means that you will be able to find me running around LA holding my camera. However, you simply cannot carry all that you need with you, which is why I can always trust my assistant. As he has the ability to pack all that I will need, without having to ask.

Becuase there is no way you can cover street fashion photography, without extra battery, flash, lenses, tops, shorts, and t-shirts. Which is why you need a handy assistant, that can provide you with exactly what you need when the time comes. Shooting on the streets is extremely exciting, but it can bring forward a number of issues, which is why you need to have someone by your side that can help you get through the day with great ease, it might not be easy to train an assistant, but it is definitely worth it.

Many photographers might think that they do not need an assistant and that he/she is a great hassle. However, they are missing out a great deal. Not only when it comes to street shoots, but in general. Having someone who understands your work, can help take off more than half of your workload. So you have time to focus on the important aspects of your job and life. This might not be suitable if you are just starting out, but if you have already set your business, and have multiple assignments coming in, you will need someone to help you manage them.

Think of this as a teaching experience, as most assistants that work with photographers are individuals who are looking to develop skills, and learn how the business runs before they start. So when you are getting all that help, you will be able to do something in return for them. However, there have been times when you assistants can become a torjan and start cutting your clients away from you, but if you keep a check on the working on your assistant, you can easily avoid any situations and enjoy the advantages of a fully trained assistant.

So the next time you are carrying around a large and heavy bag on your back, and shooting images as you go. Think about what a great deal of ease an assistant will bring forward. As they can take care of the rest, while you take care of the shoot at hand. I have been working as a professional fashion photographer for years now, and I can honestly tell you, that your assistant can help save the day on numerous occasions. As they will be working on multiple things in one go, and do a fantastic job of juggling your day.