We live in the digital world, and digital cameras work in a completely different manner than traditional film cameras. These digital cameras offer us instant colored images and allow us the ability to share images using the internet. It is hard not to think how the camera works when you constantly work with one. However, my obsession with cameras started really early on in life. It was when I received my first plastic Diana, that I was simply fascinated by the small device that was able to capture the world. Ever since then I have been extremely keen to understand how different cameras, work. And believe me, it has helped me a great deal when it came to my career.

An ordinary film camera only runs on a film, as without that vital ingredient your camera is completely useless. Once you have placed your film inside the camera you are required to shut the lid, as direct access to light will ruin the images completely.So when you click an image, the shutter opens for a slip second and allows light to flow in. So when the light comes into contact with the thick glass and the film for a split second it causes a reaction and creates an image.

There are two types of light detectors CMOS Image Sensor, and CCD also was known as Charge Coupled Device.

On the other hand, a digital camera works in a completely different manner. So when you click to capture an image, it opens the aperture to let the light in. After that, as there is no film in a digital camera the piece of electronic equipment installed in the camera captures the light rays, and turns them into electrical signals.There are two types of light detectors CMOS Image Sensor, and CCD also was known as Charge Coupled Device. So when the light zooms in, it hits the sensor chip, and brakes into a million pieces. Then these are stored as numbers that can describe the exact details the image contains.

Understanding these easy to understand concepts allow you to know the difference between the basic difference between a digital and traditional film camera.However, this is just the basic on the matter, as the real process is much more complicated in nature, and requires a great deal of understanding. However, this information is enough to help you understand basic camera mechanic, and how cameras work.

So the next time you take out your camera to capture an image, you understand the level of work that went into this small piece of equipment you will start to appreciate it more. I know I did, and this appreciation is what got me started into photography.As I am the kind of person who likes to understand the process at hand, as it keeps me interested and allows me to get complete control over the matter. It is amazing how far simple understanding can bring us, and how the technology sector has advanced over the years. Along with the advancement of the camera, we see so much supporting goods that have grown over the years; that now we can only imagine where it will take us.