College Years – What You Studied Doesn’t Matter

College years are the best time of our lives, as there is so much to learn and experience. However, most of us are unaware where out heart is set until after we have graduated. Making most individuals feel that it is too late for them to change their career now. Fortunately, if you are looking to get started as a fashion photographer it does not matter what you majored in college. There are tons of short and long courses available for individuals who wish to learn about photography.

Just last week I ran into an interesting fellow at a local fashion show, who was just getting started as a professional fashion photographer. We started talking and he told me how he did not know he was going to end up being a professional fashion photographer, as it was just a side hobby and he actually graduated with honors in history. He added how he put off his passion for years, as by the time he realized what direction he wanted to head in, he had almost graduated. Too scared to start over again, he kept going in his field, until he decided that it was time for a change.

For those of you who fear that college years matter, I would like to tell you that they do matter. However, it does not mean that you should stick to something that does not attract you anymore. Changing your career is not an easy task, however, the sooner you take it for the better. As building a career from scratch based on passion will be easier, than building one just because you feel its too late to switch.

In my opinion, if you strongly feel that fashion photography is the right field for you, then you can use the education you have received in your college years in the fashion industry. For instance, if you have studied history or art, you can use your knowledge to by applying it in the fashion industry. As there are endless things that are common in the fashion industry and history or art. Similarly, other subjects can be used to draw inspiration from. And as long as you are dedicated and stay focused on making your way to the top, you will do just fine.

The fashion industry runs on passion, as it is the fire that keeps us warm during those cold work-less nights. However, it is the same fire that helps us get to the top. I strongly believe that is one follows their dreams, they will never go astray. As they will do everything in their power to offer the best possible results in the end.

keep on dreaming, and keep on going, life has plans for all of us, so simply learn to flow with them instead of fighting them.

So keep on dreaming, and keep on going, life has plans for all of us, so simply learn to flow with them instead of fighting them. The sooner you learn to embrace change the better life you will be able to lead, and this is not just about fashion photography. This is advice from one professional photographer, to another potential or starting professional photographer.