Craigslist Random Luck and Bottom Feeding

When you start out as a fashion photographer, there are not enough places in the world where you do not put up for services. However, some of you might forget about one important platform that is Craigslist. Yes, the American classified advertisement platform that offers numerous sections that are dedicated to various fields. One of them is fashion photography.  Yes, it does sound like bottom feeding, but if you are just getting started then you need as many jobs under your sleeves as you can get. These will add a great deal to your portfolio, and you never know you might get lucky.

Think about it Craigslist is one of the most used classified websites, as more than 85% of Americans live on their smart devices, their usual choice for local ads is Craigslist. And the best part is that it can work both ways. If you have every searched Craigslist you would know that, you can almost find anything you are looking for. So as a starting fashion photographer, after you have posted your services, I suggest you search for models that are also starting out and have posted adds. Chances are you might be able to find some who are willing to work for free, or for a small cost. This will be a win, win; for both of you. As you will get a model, and they will get a free shoot they can use to advertise themselves.

However, that is not all; there will come a time when someone looking for an easy to work with fashion photographer will come across your advertisment. There are many agencies are looking for talented fashion photographers and tend of using Craigslist to find fresh talent. As they wish to snatch them away before they have been recognized. This is a great oppurtunity for your, or anyone who is getting started in the industry. Because working for less money is much better than not being able to find work.

do not keep your prices sky high, and simply charge less.

I have seen many startup photographers asking for the same amount of money that professional fashion photographers charge. That is a huge mistake in my opinion, as the main reason why people opt for fashion photographers that are just starting out, it because they are looking for someone affordable. So in my professional opinion, when you are starting out do not keep your prices sky high, and simply charge less. This will help you get more work, and once you have developed your skills, and built a reputation, then you can start charging more.  As that point, no-one will be able to question your charges, as you will have a stunning reputation and portfolio backing up your demand.

However, until you do get to a point in life where you are able to demand as much as you like, I suggest you post an ad on Craigslist, and wait for a chance to get lucky! Because I know so many photographers who have started their career by posting their advertisement on a classified website.