Dare Devilish Fashion Photographer

It’s a very well known fact that I am a daredevil. And this is not just because I have no fear or heights, but also because I never back down from trying something new. And this dare devilish reputation is exactly what brought me one of the most interesting modeling photography shoots I have ever experienced.

It was a day like no other, I have captured many videos and shoots from a helicopter before, but that was my first experience where I was literally hanging outside the helicopter. Which I must add was exactly as thrilling as it sounds, and I would happily do it all over again.

As there is nothing more magical than handing outside the helicopter doors, a few thousand feet above the city of Los Angeles trying to fight the wind and pressure coming down from the helicopter’s wings. I have to say I was not the only one being a proving my dare devilish reputation that day, as Marissa Centrella my model for the day did not flinch even once when hanging outside the safe helicopter seat. We we both hanging half in the air, trying to take spectacular shots.

I am certain my favorite image from the day will help you see some of what I was able to experience and achieve that day.

My main concern was shooting stable images, as the wind pressure coming from the helicopter wings is so hard, that it’s hard that is was pushing me down. But once I set my mind to do something there is nothing that can stop me from achieving my end goal. And which is exactly why I was able to take such stunning shots. And I have to add my model was equally determined, and that only showed that the fashion does push us to our limits allowing us to achieve greatness.

My favorite part of that day has to be the image itself, as it reminds me of the thrilling experience that changed something in me. It was one of those moments for me, when you realize that there is nothing outside your reach if you wish to achieve it. And it makes you content, as something inside you makes you feel that you have enjoyed an experience that only a few lucky ones get to experience. And that feeling is priceless and hard to find, as all the money in the world cannot make you feel content. Honestly, I did not even know something was missing from my life until I hopped on that helicopter for a ride, and was pumped and fully charged to experience a one in a lifetime opportunity.

If I had to share one thing with you from that day, it would be the time when I was half-hanging outside the helicopter. As at that time I could see the beauty L.A., has to offer and was truly mesmerized by what the city has to offer. That day I realized how freedom and flying feels like. It might not be something I could convey to you using words, but I am certain my favorite image from the day will help you see some of what I was able to experience and achieve that day.