Unrealistic Body Image

After years of debate, and back and forth France has finally taken the lead against unrealistic body image and underage modeling. On September 6th one of the largest fashion houses in France pledged to stand against size zero, and underage models from anything from advertising campaigns to catwalking on shows. The news came forward on the eve of NYC Fashion Week and was announced by the LVMH and Kering. Who are the owners of some of the biggest luxury fashion labels, such as Christian Dior, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Saint Laurent.

Creating Unrealistic Body Image

The fashion industry has been accused of creating unrealistic body image for years now, and I for one am extremely happy with the announcement. It is something I feel deeply about, and hope that others follow their lead. The promotion of unrealistic body images and underage modeling is what is setting off the balance in the industry. As fashion should be about style and comfort, not how unrealistically skinny, or younger-looking you can appear. These two aspects were noted and critiqued by me and others on various occasions, as it is not something we would like to promote in the fashion industry.

French Government issues a law that models will be required to show a medical certificate, showing that they are not dangerously underweight.

The change came after the French Government issues a law that models will be required to show a medical certificate, showing that they are not dangerously underweight. As it was affecting their health, and the health of individuals who follow these unrealistic body images. It is time we realize that each human has a unique body, and it should be appreciated for what it is. There is no need to fit everyone in the same mold, as it will only cause mental and physical issues.

In addition, underage models are no longer allowed to work in adult shows and campaigns, and will not be working the 11 pm to 6 am shift. Moreover, they must be with a legal guardian or parent when away from home. These are the kind of changes that I feel will help make a difference, as they were simply promoting the wrong side of the fashion industry. We are artists, that should not be pushing unrealistic boundaries, and keep on treating minors as they should be. There is no need to put anyone under such immense pressure, that it starts to affect their well being.

With the eating disorder rising in the USA, I feel the need to raise my voice against the issue. Along with teens being given the opportunity to adult parties, and events that simply speed up their childhood. These things are set in place for a reason, and the sooner we start to stand against it the better. I for one support these rules, and with others around me would start to take the issue seriously. So we can all unite on a single stance, allowing us to bring back the charm and artistic aspect of the fashion industry. Once these are set in motion, the rest will all start to fall into place.