I have been working as a professional fashion photographer for years now, and the one thing that became clear to me instantly. Was that lens man in demand get to travel the globe.  This is mainly because there are too many fashion photographers today, that you simply cannot fit them in top fashion shows. So if you really want to join the frequent flyers club, you need to start working your way to the top.

You will be surprised to know how much does a top fashion photographer actually travel. As it is impossible for them to stick to one place for long. My life is constantly on the move, sometimes I am moving towards a new city, and others I am just moving towards a new country. This is because each assignment is different and requires a different space to shoot. This is one of the main reasons that we travel so much. In addition, we simply cannot move fashion shows to the location of our choice and have to travel to cover numerous fashion weeks each year. This is the life of a top fashion photographer, who are always on the go.

One of the best things about being a lens men in demand is that I get to travel the globe, work with various, designers and models.

One of the best things about being a lens men in demand is that I get to travel the globe, work with various, designers and models. This is a great learning experience and it keeps me on my toes. As I have the ability, and I get a chance to show it off with each passing day. These assignment that comes from different parts of the world are a sign that I am making my way upwards, and that my work is being appreciated. There comes a time when my ticket is practically free thanks to the miles I have.

Traveling around the world is a great advantage and pleasure, and I simply wouldn’t know what I would do stuck in one place for long. Which is why I keep on talking assignments from different parts of the world and flying back and forth. Yes, it is a hectic routine, but it is a routine I prefer. Rather than being stuck in the same place.

Traveling to different countries and working with new people is a great advantage, as it allows me to expand my portfolio and my reach. So I keep on working and try to get on as much as I possibly can. There are times when I am on a pleasure trip, that turns into a business trip, just because I do not believe in passions upon an opportunity. As when you start to pass out on opportunities, you never know what you are missing out on. Which is why I suggest you follow my lead and take on assignments and work from different places and spaces, and before you know it. You will start to make your mark in the world and will be regarded as an in-demand lens man who travels the globe.