There comes a point when you ask yourself how much photoshop is necessary, the answer might vary depending on the image in question, or the photographer. When someone asked me the question on how much photoshop do I feel is enough, my answer was simple. I would put a stop to when I have fixed the overall image errors, and before the image goes over to the fake side. It is not easy to make an image or person look flawless these days, but that is not real beauty. Real beauty has flaws, it is imperfect yet beautiful.

Which is why when you start to process an image, you must keep in mind that you must keep the image as authentic as possible. It is easy to get lured into false beauty, but resisting the temptation will help you in the long run.As you do not wish to be labeled as a fashion photographer who offers unrealistic beauty standards. You will be much better if you make a name for yourself using authentic beauty.

As there is a fine line between emphasizing beauty, and creating false images.

I as a professional fashion photographer feel it is my job to make sure that the images I hand out are as authentic as possible because these unrealistic beauty standards have taken over the world.And the false images we hand out, the more it grows. It is high-time, we must learn to appreciate real beauty and all that it stands for. We must learn to love ruins, as there is beauty in every single aspect of this world. The only person who should be able to define beauty standards is you, as each individual is unique and beautiful in their own way.

If every fashion photographer started to follow the lines, and keep reality in check when photoshop-ing. Only then will we be able to emphasize beauty without creating any false images.These false images are the reason why many criticize the fashion industry and I for one stand against it.

So the next time you start to process an image keep in mind that there is beauty in unique features. So only fix what is required, and do not push the lines of reality. As there is a fine line between emphasizing beauty and creating false images. So you must learn to restrict your hand when you come to that point.

I have been working in the industry long enough to know, that there is no such thing as perfect beauty. There is just a perfect image, as it is in the eye of the fashion photographer. Which is why when I am on a shoot, I find beauty in all small and large aspects of my image.As each aspect matters. This is what has allowed me to become a famous fashion photographer. As my work stands apart from the others in the industry because my images are authentic and feature the real image of beauty.