I will discuss How Photoshop Changes The Perception of Reality

When you are working as a fashion photographer it is easy to understand that the need for photoshop and other tools are required. No, not to alter The Perception of Reality reality. But as we capture images in a raw format, there is no way we can easily give them out without postproduction. As the images need to go through a phase of adjustment. Think of it as a movie, the same way movies cannot be released without postproduction, the same way you cannot release an image. As when I am shooting the images I am unable to control the enviroment, and those things can be adjusted later on. For instance, noise is a huge issue when you are shooting in various setting, and it needs to be dealt with during postproduction.

However, these are the things that can easily hide in plain sight, as they will not even be visible. But there are times when Photoshop is pushed to a limit where it changes reality. That is what creates an unrealistic image, and causes issues. As most people do not realize that, just to keep up with the unrealistic images most women and men go through a tough time. As they take on everyone from natural methods to surgeries. Just to achieve the perfect body that does not exist, and isn’t healthy at all.

Just because something looks healthy does not mean it really is, as you never know what is going on inside your body. I am strictly against Photoshop and other tools, as there are only there to help professionals out to an extent. Just because they offer you the ability to change the Perception of Reality, does not mean you should take it up. I simply cannot stress on how important it is to offer images that offer an authentic look. As there is no reason why we should be promoting false images.

We are the fashion photographers who have the power, and the voice that matters.

We are the fashion photographers who have the power, and the voice that matters. As when it comes to people they will only see what is presented to them. History is proof that there have been various body types that were preferred and considered beautiful. As I am sure you are all aware of the time when being fat was considered hot, and skinny girls weren’t looked at and considered ugly. As technology has increased and develop so has the concept of calling skinny beautiful, and fat ugly. To live to these self-created terms of beauty, we have come to a point where we go through a range of steps to achieve an image that does not exist in the perception of Reality.

One of the major tools used by professional and amateur is Photoshop, as it offers you the ability to change The Perception of reality. I have access to the same tools and so much more, but I understand the importance of showing off the right image. And not something that does not exist. So I request you all to take a stand against these images and create a world where uniqueness and diversity is appreciated.