Image is Key – Photograph is Eternal

Image is key in any state, which makes fashion photography eternal. I am not saying this because I am a professional fashion photographer, I am saying this because it is something I genuinely feel this to be true.

Think about it for a minute, could you imagine a world without fashion? Similarly, if fashion photography did not exist, people will not be able to view this beautiful world that offers endless talent. So in order for the fashion industry to exist and thrive all across the world, fashion photography has to exist – making it eternal. As the only way I see it happening, if we existed in a parallel universe and fashion did not exist.

Some people might argue that fashion might in years to come might not exist, I would humbling like to remind those people that for as long as the human race wishes to wear clothes the fashion industry will exist. Because no matter if you a wearing a plain white shirt, with a pair of jeans; you are following a fashion trend set by the fashion industry. Even a plain sock represents the fashion industry, as fashion is not just designer brands the host fashion shows to showcase their collection; fashion is everywhere clothes are.

If the images did not exist, we will be taken back to a time when things were recorded by painting them, or documenting them through writing.

Since fashion photography is not just limited to taking photos of models in fashion shows, it is so much more; which is why I am more certain that it is eternal. I as a fashion photographer cover fashion shows, apparel photography, corporate videos, and so many other aspects that come under fashion and industrial photography. Let’s just suppose for a second that every fashion show that was set to happen this year was somehow canceled. Even then I will have work, because covering fashion show is not the only job of a fashion photographer. And just because the fashion shows are not happening does not mean new fashion lines will not be coming out this year. Yes, there are ups and downs in the fashion industry, as they exist in all other industries. And similarly like other industries the fashion industry climbs its way back to the top.

When is say image is key, I do not regard that as something the fashion industry survives on alone; but it is a huge contributing factor. As image is the only means of getting the designs and creative sense out there. If the images did not exist, we will be taken back to a time when things were recorded by painting them, or documenting them through writing. However, since technology has given us a great gift, why not take advantage of it?

They say that an image can make or break a career, and I assure you that it is not just the career of the fashion photographer they are referring towards. As he/she alone is not the contributing factor. It is everything you can see in the image for large aspects like the dress, shoes, model, background; to the little details such as earrings, lip color, expression, etc. Which is why I repeat that image is key. It is the key that unlocks doors, opportunities, and endless imagination that you see in the photos.