Image Processing

I have worked in the profession for a long time now, and through my years as a professional photographer I have learned a lot. One of the most important things I have learnt is the importance of image processing. As technology advances we see various changes in the working of cameras, both in the hardware and software aspect.

As every digital image is created by the method of processing the photograph data from the sensor of the camera. However, the degree of processing depends on the type of file your camera creates. There are a number of file formats, but JPEG is holding its place as the universal file format for digital images. As image processor has a great impact on both Digicams and DSLR’s pictorial capabilities, manufacturers tend to promote their image processors inside their cameras. Many manufacturers have specific brand names they stick to, such as Bionz, Venus Engine, Expeed, Prime, DiG!C, or True-Pic Turbo for their processors.

As a well trained fashion photographer, I rely on the speediness and other aspects of the image processor.

Every image processing system consists of algorithms, which are mathematical operations, that convert the digital data they have captured from the sensor, and turn them into colored pixels. As technology is constantly on the rise, these algorithms are improved and updated quite a bit.

Each algorithm is different as it is written to perform alongside the image sensor added in the camera. Even when manufacturers heavily guard their algorithm, as a professional photographer I can easily spot the difference between various manufacturer’s processor. The differences are quite subtle, but are not impossible to see. This is one of the advantages I get from my years of experience, and knowledge. The knowledge and experience are a great combination, and allows me to be more well worse in my field of photography.

Many manufacturers stick to a certain “look”, this look is not the appearance of their camera, it is what the images taken from their camera look like. As they understand the market they are tending to, and choose to appeal to a certain kind of photographers.

If you are looking to see the differences, you should pay more attention towards subjects that feature more tonalities, such as still life and portrait shots. I am easily able to see them, because being a professional fashion photographer, I have an eye for minor details.

Chances are if you like the “look” of a certain camera image, the reason behind it is the subtle adjustments made by the image processor. Apart from this, an image processor has a huge influence over data processing speed. In this area, some processors are faster than others, depending on its make and model. However, the processors installed in professional cameras are the fastest of them all. As a well trained fashion photographer, I rely on the speediness and other aspects of the image processor.