Underage Models Who Lie About Their Age to Get Started

When you hold an open casting session, you will come across many underage models that are lying about their age. As they wish to get started as soon as possible, while some might crack after you question them.

Others are determined to lie throughout the session. So you keep on wondering to yourself that is she really lying, or if she really is that old.

There was a study done that involved bartenders who were asked to guess the personas age, and even the most experienced bartenders were wrong at times.

This is because there is no sure way to tell someone’s age just by looking at them, and the internet has given them complete access to fake ids. So what can you do?

As a professional fashion photographer, I do not want to get in trouble as much as the next persons. Which is why I feel the need to take on extra measures when it comes to underage models.

As it is illegal to work with them without the concoct of their parent or guardian. So if you are confused and feel that your model might be under the legal age, then I suggest you do a little digging, as not considering them just because they look too young is not an appropriate reason to reject someone. The same way bartenders are unable to tell someones real age, you will not be able to get the exact number down just by looking at them.

The reason behind underage models lying about their age is because they wish to get started as soon as possible.

The reason behind underage models lying about their age is because they wish to get started as soon as possible.

There is a persona that if you do not get started soon enough you will not be able to make it to the top. Which becomes worse when people assure you that there is only a prime age during which you can model, and after that, your career is over.

I would like to clear out that neither of them is true. You can model for as long as you like, all you need to do is find the right opportunities. Believe me working through the proper channel will be much better than lying about your age, as then you will have to stick to your fake age, and will always be seen as an older lady.

If you want my professional advice, then I suggest you let the natural course of order follow, as underage modeling is a serious crime, and it can get you and the professional fashion photographer you are working with trouble.

I understand that you wish to get started as soon as possible, but there is a set system for a reason, and following the system will only help you. So wait a few years rather than building your career on a lie that you will not be able to take back. So unless and until you want people to think you are 30 when you turn 28, I suggest you take on other age-appropriate jobs now.