Melania Trump, insanely succesful former model and current first lady of the united states. It is safe to say she is every upcoming
When Donald Trump announced in 2015 his plans to make a presidential bid for the Whitehouse, his wife, the usually private and reserved Melania Trump was pushed to the forefront. Melania Trump alongside her husband Donald Trump suddenly became a household name and the world was interested in knowing more about this stunning lady and her former modeling career.

Before the world knew her as the wife of Donald Trump, Melania Trump formerly known as Melania Knaus was a highly regarded and well-established model here in the United States as well in European countries like Paris and Italy.

As a trained photographer, it was obvious to me that Melania knew a thing or two about modeling. Her slender figure, modelesque length, her poses on the red carpets all were dead giveaways of a professional model. I immediately recognized that she was a professional model based on her posture and attitude on the red carpet.

You see, as a photographer, it is easy to separate a real professional model from a celebrity who is just posing for pictures on the red carpet. Whether the model is just starting out or is well rounded, a photographer with a trained eye will be able to immediately notice it. When it came to Melania Trump it was easy to see that she was a well-experienced model.

Upon reading more about her I realized that she is not just a beautiful face with an awesome body but a strategic thinker and a shrewd business woman who easily outsmarted younger models who were trying to compete with her.

As the smart lady that she is, she made the smart choice to come to the U.S to get more exposure, land prestigious covers, get noticed by big designers and receive a bigger paycheck. She came to the U.S and established a solid modeling career working with big names and landing on covers of prestigious magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair, and GQ.

First Lady Of Models Melania Trump

Ever since the campaign, Melania’s success as a supermodel echoes through the modeling and fashion industry. Many young and upcoming models look up to her and wish to be as successful as she especially models from Europe and her native country Slovenia.

She gave hope to models overseas who dream to once make it big in theU.S.A. But not only the models strive to be like her. In the last couple of months, a noticeable change was detected in the styles of European elites especially European royals.

Evidently, ever since Melania turned heads around when she stepped out in her blue dress and coat at the inauguration, more royals are ditching their traditional styles and adopting Melania’s style as it oozes glamor in a tasteful way. Some fashion experts even deemed this phenomenon the Melania effect since so many from Europe are following in her footstep and upgrading their style.