Today, most photographers think of photoshop as a necessity. However, there has been a great deal of awareness spread about photoshopped images lately, and how to spot them. The reason why I as for one feel the need to point the matter out is that I see women feel the need to be better when they are perfect. The false images and shoots are making every woman question themselves and their beauty. Forgetting that every individual is unique and beautiful in their own way.

It is time that we realize that Photoshop is not the issue at hand, and the problem goes much deeper than a software. Today, we live in a world that is filled with unrealistic beauty and beauty standards. So think about where these beauty standards come from, who creates them, and who craves them.The answer is simple, as we all are culprits in the matter. Which is why the only ones who can change the image, and the tradition is us. I do everything on my part to make sure that I portray images that are not unrealistic, or over the top. But that is all I can do from my part. I alone will not be able to take on the entire battle, it is every individual who must play their part.

It might not be the ideal image, but at least it will be the real image of beauty.

As far as I understand the matter, the obsession behind unrealistic fashion photographs come from a mindset, that has been nurtured over the years. If we look back in time, we will see that each fashion era was different, and portrayed a different image of beauty.For instance, being too skinny was once considered ugly, but today in the “fit” world it is all the hype. However, we conveniently fail to understand that being skinny does not mean healthy or fit. It is just the outer appearance, that fools you. Which is another reason why I feel this issue must be addressed.

If we look at fashion images from around the world we will be able to see that fashion accessories and clothing might overlaps, but the general concept of beauty might vary from continent to continent. As they were not fed the same information.Which is why leads me to believe that the concept can be broken down, and a real image of beauty can rise. So I want you to stand with me against the unrealistic fashion photographs and voice out your concerns about retouching the concept of unrealistic images.

Once people start to side against it, there will be no need for unrealistic beauty images, and we will learn to appreciate the flaws we are born with. It might not be the ideal image, but at least it will be the real image of beauty.And people all around the world will learn to learn and appreciate honest fashion photography. That breaks all the conventional rules, so an honest image can prevail.