Picking a DSLR According to User – Fashion Photographer

Yesterday, we talked about DSLR Camera Guide – Fashion Photographers Take, where we talked about how picking a DSLR keeping in mind your photography skills is crucial. It got me thinking, that while there is enough logical reasoning in picking a camera completely based on your level, as we discussed yesterday; but at times it is not as simple as that.

Which is why today we will talk about additional features that might need to be considered, when picking a DSLR according to the user. Here I have highlighted the four main types of photographers, and my personal suggestions.

  1. Novice – someone who is interested in learning about photography, and wished to learn more. Novice photographers are the ones that are taking a step-up from Digicams. They might possess some experience and knowledge, but their understanding about DSLR cameras won’t be enough.

    For these users I suggest an entry-level DSLR camera. Try to look for entry-level cameras that offer a pre-set mode, along with tutorial guides to help explain camera controls. An entry-level DSLR is in some regards similar to a Digicam, so capturing shots will not be too difficult. If you are transferring from a Digicam, I suggest you look at entry-level DSLR’s that use SDHC or SD cards. This way you will not have to buy new memory cards, and these DSLR’s are compact.

    I am a professional fashion photographer, and I can honestly tell you that I cannot achieve the same result from every professional camera.

  2. Family & Friends Photographer – these individuals are simply looking for a camera that takes better photographs than their Digicam. If you fall under this category, consider an entry-level DSLR. They will be easy to understand, and can be used by various members of the family.

    You should consider an entry-level DSLR that comes with a twin lens kits. These will contain both wide angle, and zoomed capabilities. This will allow you to take a different range of images.
  3. Pro-Sumer – these users will be upgrading from digital SLR cameras, simply because they require a model that offers higher resolution. If you pick a camera from the same manufacturer you will be able to use your old lens with your new camera.

    These pro-sumer models offer durability, greater functions, and higher resolution. Which makes them ideal for semi-professional photographers. As they will need a camera to practice their skills, and learn the functionalities it has to offer. These pro-summer models are ideal for such users, in addition, to outdoor photographers. The pro-sumer meets the requirements needed by these users, and delivers excellent results.
  4. Professional’s – like we discussed yesterday, a professional photographer does not have the liberty to pick any professional camera and call it a day. I am a professional fashion photographer, and I can honestly tell you that I cannot achieve the same result from every professional camera. As what most users just see as a “camera” possess an entire world within. Which is why the kind of camera you will require depends on your line of profession. Let me give you my example, when I am working in the studio I require a DSLR that offers high-resolution, that can be paired with a professional flash. In addition, a DLSR that can be connected to studio equipment. Which means a lot of professional DLSR camera’s will not be able to provide.

Which is why there needs to be some understanding of what you require, and what the camera requires from you.