If you are about to work with children on a set, then you need to learn how to deal with them before the shoot. As kids are not like adults, and screaming at them will only make the matter worse. If you wish to keep working with them and get done with the shoot, then you need a plan, and when it comes to dealing with kids, there is only one way you can get through this.  And that is by staying calm, cool, and collected. Yes, screaming children can be a nuisance when you are trying to get things done, but learning how to deal with them will help you a great deal in the long run.

When a child is throwing a tantrum, keep in mind that there is a way you can deal with it. To help you out I have listed down the things that have helped me over the course of years. So here is how to deal with screaming children on set:

Calm – Staying calm is essential, as if you start to scream or raise your voice, you will find yourself in a much worse situation. So keep your tone in control, and set an example for the kid.

Breathe – No matter how badly you want to give out snapping reactions, I suggest you take a few steps back and breathe. Once you are calm, then begin to deal with the child.

Distraction – Most kids are easy, and if you spot a tantrum coming your way, start distracting the child. This is easy, as most children can be easily distracted with a pen.

Contaminate – Try to figure out what went wrong, and fix the situation. It would be best to ask the child, as chances are they might have an idea or two.

Comfort – Kids are all in for love, so simply comforting them can be enough at times. As all they need is some attention.

I have worked with a number of children over the years, and while come shoots have been a walk in the park, others could have been handled better.

My process on how to deal with screaming kids is based on experience, as there is nothing better than some hands-on experience to help you understand a situation. Because the only one who can really understand the situation is the person who is required to hand it, others can only offer endless solutions.

all they need is some attention.

So the next time you are working with kids, follow my tips, and you will see the difference in the situation. It can be hard to deal with children according to their age when you are working such a platform, but you need to understand that at the end of the day they are kids, and should be dealt with love and care. So the parents can get the images they came in for, and you can get another accomplishment in your books.