When you become famous, you start thinking about supremacy, and how what you have makes you supreme or better than everyone else. However, I have tried to keep myself distant from such thoughts. It is not easy being a successful professional fashion photographer, but every second and moment has been worth it.  However, I would be lying if I said it was all me. Yes, it was my skills and dedication, but I honestly couldn’t have done it without my team! Having the best team is all that matters, as at the end of each day they are the ones standing with me. From start to finish we go through so much together that it’s hard to imagine working without them.

So the next time your mind goes towards supremacy, think about all the help you have had along the way. This is not just about your team, but apart from them, you get help in different types and forms. For instance, it can be in the sense of support from a family member or friends, or kind words from a random stranger. So the next time you feel you have reached supremacy, the point where you are better than everyone think about the people you depend on. If there is no one you can think of, start thinking about the people who have helped you out in small ways. As sometimes all it takes is a smile.

As I am sure someone taught you some part of the skills you have, or about cameras.

It took me a while to realize that the images are put up are not just my efforts and talents. Yes, I do play a huge part in the process, but so does the model, the hair and makeup artist, my assistant and so on. The image you see might only show my abilities and the models at first. But when you take a closer look you will be able to see the small details that were someone else’s efforts. These might not be major, but they were big enough to make a huge difference. Which is why I feel today is the right day to put supremacy aside and thank all those people who have helped you.

I know I will be thanking my lot, and I suggest you do the same. You will be surprised to see how far a simple thank you goes, and it might make someone’s day. So instead of thinking about your throne, think about your workers. As I am sure someone taught you some part of the skills you have, or about cameras. You simply did not do it on your own from start to finish. Which is why I feel it is the best time to be thankful for all that you have achieved, and all that is yet to come. This way you will be supreme in their eye, as you would have taken out time to thank someone for their part in your life. So go on, and make a change. As sharing the throne is a much better way to end the day.