Killer Time – Production, Organizing & Retouching Eats Hours & Profit

When you work as a professional fashion photographer there are many time-consuming things that you need to deal with besides photography that you will find yourself stuck in.These tasks are not a crucial part of the process, and yet there will be times when you feel you are simply wasting your time. But remember, no matter how much they eat into your time and your profits. The bottom line is that you have to make it happen, and the sooner you realize it the better.

When you are a professional fashion photographer, the main thing you need to learn to manage its time. As at times you might find that hours have passed away, and you still haven’t gotten much done.Or that you have invested your time in the wrong place. Which is why in my personal opinion one should always manage their time from the beginning. This way you can develop a healthy habit from the beginning, and develop your working skills in a timely manner.

[pullquote] If you start handing out unprocessed images then soon you will find a long line of unhappy clients that are looking to get a refund.[/pullquote]

As a professional fashion photographer, you will not only be required to take out time for planning a shoot, and take the images. You will be completely responsible for the everything from post-production, organizing the images or videos, and retouching.These might not sound like the kind of things that takes you hours, but when you start taking on too many shots you will soon find out how it can start to eat into your time and profits. You will start to see this as a process that is holding you away from work, but in reality, it is something that ensures more work.If you start handing out unprocessed images then soon you will find a long line of unhappy clients that are looking to get a refund. In addition, it will leave a horrible impact on your reputation as a professional photographer.

This is why you must learn to manage time in the best way possible, and get it done in a timely manner. This way you will not have to worry about piled up work, and will be able to lead a standard life.Keep in mind that if you keep post-production for weekends, you will not have any time for yourself. Which might seem fine at the moment, but there will come a time in life when you regret your routine, and not setting up a strict schedule for work.

I love my work, always have and always will. And one of the main reasons behind me loving my work and not seeing it something suffocating me is because I have a system. Which allows me to keep me in check, and allows time for more thing in my life.Yes, my life revolves around fashion and taking photographs, but that is not all I do. As I have a personal life that is not all about fashion photography, as there are other interests that take up my time.