A lookbook is a collection of images that are compiled to show a photographers, model, stylist, clothing line, or a style. These lookbooks are created for various reasons, but they all follow the same process when it comes to creating it. These lookbooks are a powerful marketing tool and are mostly used by retailers to help draw in customers. As a commercial fashion photographer, I have covered a range of lookbooks. While some were to help showcase my work, others were for clients. I have has the opportunity to create lookbooks in various cities around the world, and the best place to shoot a lookbook, in my opinion, is Los Angeles.

Places like New York, Paris, or London do not offer the things LA has to offer.

Yes, there are many prominent choices that come you your mind when it comes to lookbook photography, but places like New York, Paris, or London do not offer the things LA has to offer.

Location – One of the best things about lookbooks is that you can choose any location the theme has to offer. As LA has so much to offer, it is automatically my first choice.Even right now, if you head out on foot, you will find so many places that will act as the perfect backdrop when it comes to lookbook photography. As they are no longer all about offering simple background.Today lookbooks have been taken to a whole new level, and the reason LA is the best if because it does not have one or a few great locations such as other cities. The entire city can easily be used as a backdrop for photographs.

Weather – No matter what month of the year it is, you can easily work outside. As LA offers a neutral temperate most months. So you do not have to wait for the right weather conditions, you can simply take advantage of most months.

Variety – Lookbooks are all about showing off variety, and where other cities might offer variety, they will never be able to offer a number of options that LA has to offer. Here you will be able to find endless studios, spaces, open locations; it is like the city was designed for photographers.No matter where you look you will be able to find something new. So you do not have to stick to the same boring streets and historical landmarks. When there is so much more that allows you to offer a completely fresh experience.

Models – Models come from all around the world looking for new opportunities, so you have easy access to fresh faces. There is no need to keep the same models, you can keep on switching between them. Allowing you to offer a completely different perspective, as with the model you can change the setting, theme, and basically the overall look of the lookbook.

These are some of the many reasons why I feel Los Angeles is the best city in the world for lookbook fashion photography. As there is no place else I would rather work from.